About Us

ULTRABLITZ was established in 1982 out of the back of a small shop in Vanderbijlpark. Although we started small, SERVICE has always been one of our top priorities and thus we have grown into a well developed enterprise with agents all over the country.

In the beginning, spare parts and the lack of stock cramped our business and prevented mass production. We've since upgraded the factory and our products in such a matter that 90% of the electrocutor's spare parts are manufactured right under our own roof. We now only use Aluminium for the body of the units, wind our own transformers, build our own grids, etc.

Therefore less faulty products are sent out into the market and repairs are done quickly and efficiently!

Although many instances claim that the means of killing insects and specifically killing flies electronically with the high voltage grid, is unhealthy because of the debris flying around with the explosion, we suggest that the electrocutor must not be used right over a food area - rather lure the insects away from the working or eating area - thus, hang the electrocutor 5-10 metres away . The reason being that the closer you use the electrocutor to the area you want to protect, the closer you will attract the insects to you. The idea of the electronic high voltage insect killer is to use it outside and kill the insects before it reaches the effected area. Thus, it’s much more healthier than poison, sprays etc.

The manufacturing of all the products and the spare parts of these products are all made at ULTRABLITZ. Therefore we can quickly and effectively repair any damaged goods and replace them with our own products and parts. We wind our own high-voltage transformer under personal provision and manufacture our own high voltage grids, all under one roof.